Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is an outsourced, part-time executive that provides strategy and implementation through a holistic view of your organization. Small to medium-sized organizations that can’t justify the expense of a full-time employee can realize significant benefits in outsourcing a fractional CIO with the expertise and experience to ensure you’re getting the business results you expect.

The Benefits Of a vCIO

Imagine having access to industry-leading technical talent without paying a salary and benefits. The Nu-Age Group’s vCIO service provides just this solution.

An outsourced CIO can request and review proposals, talk “tech” with the salespeople and vendors, make recommendations to the organization’s decision-makers, and install new systems and processes. The Nu-Age Group’s vCIO can help you determine whether you need to migrate to a different platform or whether or not the Cloud makes sense versus having onsite infrastructure.

Most importantly, we believe that when used properly, technology provides a significant strategic business advantage. Our vCIO will help you leverage today’s technologies and stay ahead of other businesses in your industry.

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The Nu-Age Group’s vCIO Process

When you hire The Nu-Age Group to serve as your vCIO, we have a proven process to integrate seamlessly into your company:

Technology Assessment:

First, we conduct a comprehensive technology assessment to determine whether your systems are working and understand your organization’s technical environment and business objectives.

Technology Plan:

The Nu-Age Group’s vCIO, in collaboration with your organization’s decision-makers, will develop a proactive plan to ensure your business keeps up with the technology necessary to drive profits and ROI.

Technology Implementation:

The Nu-Age Group’s vCIO will work with you and your company on an ongoing basis and report to you regularly on the health of your systems and progress relative to your business goals.

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