Managed Cybersecurity Services

As digital technologies evolve, so too does cybercrime. We ensure you stay one step ahead.

Cyber threats are growing more advanced and pose ever-greater risks to your business. The Nu-Age Group’s comprehensive threat protection identifies potential risks, mitigates any immediate impact, and prevents subsequent attacks from happening.

Businesses that work with our highly trained and experienced Cybersecurity Team get results that give them peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate on growing their businesses instead of stressing about securing their systems and protecting their data.

Whether combined with an ongoing Managed IT Services plan, or as a stand-alone consulting project to shore up your company’s cybersecurity posture, advanced security solutions are one of the most important IT services we provide.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, we have dedicated team members ready to respond and eliminate the threat.

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Threat Prevention

We utilize best-in-class security tools and processes to prevent cybersecurity threats.

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Threat Hunting

A combination of security tools and human analysis is required to keep your organization secure. Threat hunting is a proactive process where our team searches through your environment, looking for threats that may have evaded traditional security controls.

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Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management services target your relevant assets, proactively assessing and maintaining intelligence regarding their risk of exposure. At all times, you know how secure your organization is and can prioritize actions to address any issues.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The Nu-Age Group’s Managed Detection and Response is a fully managed, end-to-end, 24×7 service that monitors, detects, investigates, and responds to threats across the entire IT environment, helping organizations to quickly and significantly improve their security posture while reducing the burden on your internal team.

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Cloud Security

Although the benefits of the Cloud are numerous, migrating to the Cloud introduces new cybersecurity challenges. Companies must retain visibility, control, and security as they move to these platforms. As a Cloud provider, The Nu-Age Group has years of experience staying ahead of these advanced threats and understands how to minimize risks proactively.

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