Backup & Disaster Recovery

Today’s businesses demand continuous application availability with an infrastructure that can recover from disasters and scale to accommodate dynamic growth. From power outages to pandemics, it’s safe to assume your company’s resources are constantly at risk. Because a disaster can strike anytime, a business continuity plan with a routinely tested data backup and disaster recovery process is critical.

The Nu-Age Group’s Cloud and on-premise data backup and disaster recovery services help companies recover quickly and cost-effectively from disruption. We do this by helping you create plans and strategies aligned with your business requirements. We thoroughly analyze your business processes and objectives to secure your resiliency, thereby minimizing business impact.

Protect data without heavy infrastructure investment

Data loss, ransomware, and compliance requirements are driving today’s disaster recovery strategies. A security breach can interrupt business operations until remediation is complete – and the impact on your business can be severe.

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution should focus on restoring operations as quickly as possible with minimal data loss.

The Nu-Age Group enables businesses of all sizes to adopt cost-effective, comprehensive business recovery and continuity solutions while guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards.

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Customized Data Protection

Our data protection experts work with you to define your backup, recovery, retention, archiving and disaster recovery needs. We then design and implement a customized data protection program based on these requirements, which can include an on-premise backup appliance, highly secure Cloud, or hybrid option. Our team of backup specialists monitors your backup jobs daily to ensure ongoing protection for your business.

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Assurance Testing

Backups are only good if you can restore data and systems in the event of a disaster.

The Nu-Age Group’s business continuity solution includes comprehensive testing to ensure that your systems are fully recoverable and protected from downtime. Tests include verification reports to provide evidence that backups are working and healthy.

Our solution guarantees your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) with fully automated disaster recovery fail-over and fail-back.

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Business Continuity

Daily backups are a given, but backups are just one piece of the puzzle. Off-site replication will protect you from a myriad of threats.

The Nu-Age Group’s backup and archive services ensure that local and Cloud backups are performed daily, including multi-site replication to protect against cyberattacks and natural disasters. Your data is protected and available, even if your physical office location is down.

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